Tax Resolution

About Tax Resolution

Your tax debt requires immediate action. Act now to protect yourself from bank levies, garnishments, liens, and seizure of assets.

If you owe the IRS money, you’ll want a knowledgeable tax attorney fighting for you.

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Have you neglected to file your income tax returns for the past two or more years?

The Fresh Start Initiative gives taxpayers with unpaid tax debt more options in which they can become current with the IRS, and to enable those taxpayers to move forward with a fresh start. It is available to individuals and businesses, but with different guidelines for each. 

IRS Fresh Start Initiative
If you’re behind on payroll taxes, the IRS can impose a tax lien, seize all assets, and garnish wages to resolve the debt. Payroll taxes are given extra attention by the IRS.

Failure to report payroll taxes will lead to an IRS audit and severe penalties.

We can help.